[06:01] jfw: ...
[06:02] jfw pokes some more
[06:08] jfw hopes the testing hasn't been too noisy and might move it elsewhere if there's to be much more.
[06:19] jfw: but it's working nicely now and just about where I want it ; the main things I'd like to add before going live are scraping of external links for auto-archiving, and forward/backward threading links for the log articles. Then I'll need a script to back-fill my existing logs through the usual processing. Although, I suppose I could post-date them so that going live isn't dependent on finishing
[06:19] jfw: that.
[06:22] jfw: I'd also like to add search, but that's fine to do later on.
[06:24] jfw: http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=rMHd <- sample of the rendered HTML.
[06:25] jfw: !s hi
[06:25] sourcerer: Hello there, jfw